For Outside Consultants and Contractors

No Yale name, logo, trademark or service mark may be used in any manner that appears to promote, endorse, sponsor or otherwise approve of outside consultants, contractors or any of their goods and services, regardless of the status of their relationship with Yale. However, outside consultants and contractors who have current projects with Yale may include a directory reference to “Yale University, (insert relevant department with whom the consultant/contractor is working)” among a listing of other clients, in alphabetical order, on the company’s websites or marketing materials. Such reference to Yale must not in any way appear to be conspicuous in placement, font size or color, or otherwise draw special attention to the reference of the university.

All use of the Yale name, as described above, must be approved in writing by the University’s Department of Marketing and Trademark Licensing before appearing on the website or marketing materials of any outside consultant or contractor.

The University reserves the right to have the Yale name removed from any and all websites and marketing materials in its sole discretion. Other than as expressly stated above, no licenses, implied or otherwise, to any Yale name, logo, trademark or service mark is granted by the University under these guidelines.

Vendors may, however, provide more information in a portfolio of work that is shared privately with potential clients.  The following guidance applies.

Following the final completion of the Project and acceptance thereof by Owner, [vendor] may include images of non-confidential elements of the Project, and a brief description of the Project, that accurately depict the Work and Services provided to the Owner hereunder solely as part of [vendor’s] private portfolio; provided, however, [vendor] shall comply with all applicable rules and regulations of the Owner with regard to the taking and use of such images, [vendor’s] work with the Project is described solely in an accurate, descriptive, and factual manner, and [vendor] obtains the Owner’s prior written approval of the selection of images and description of the work. No confidential information of Owner, including, but not limited to, any information regarding cost or occupant operations related to the Project shall be permitted.

If questions arise, they should be forwarded to both the Office of Public Affairs and Communications (OPAC) and the Department of Marketing and Trademark Licensing:


Director, External Communications

Karen Peart

Department of Marketing and Trademark Licensing

Paul Murawski

Director of Marketing and Trademark Licensing