For Student Organizations


The Yale name and marks associated with the University are protected by trademark law. Yale regulations require that use by student groups of the Yale name or marks in the title or caption of a publication, as part of the name of or an organization, on promotional materials, on any item or product to be manufactured, distributed, or sold by an individual or an organization, or such similar uses must be approved by the Secretary of the University or the Secretary’s duly authorized agents, and under such restrictions and explanations as they may impose or require.

Only student groups registered with the appropriate Student Affairs office may use the Yale name and certain other identifiers in connection with University - sanctioned activities, provided they do so in accordance with any such restrictions and/or regulations. Student Groups may not use the Yale name to incorporate or apply for 501 (c) (3) status.

This information is intended to help guide registered student groups in creating awareness of their organization through their name and logo, while maintaining the integrity of the Yale brand and complying with University policy.

Developing a Name & Logo

Beginning July 15, 2017 if you are a new group registering with your school’s or unit’s student affairs office and wish to use Yale in your name/logo, you are required to indicate in your name/logo that you are a student organization. To accomplish this, we suggest using words such as – undergraduate, undergraduate organization, graduate student, student organization, student alliance, student partnership, student society or student association.

Note, other organizations trademarked logo’s may not be used or altered, in conjunction with any Yale logo.

Any existing student group whose name/logo was approved using any guidelines applicable prior to July 15, 2017 are encouraged to follow these new guidelines.

Examples of names using the word “Yale” and conveying student affiliation

“Yale Connect – an Undergraduate Organization”

“Yale Student Alliance for Gun Safety”

“Yale Makes Undergraduates”

“Yale Students of the Tri Nations”

“Yale Muslim Students Association”

“Yale Graduate Student Consulting Club”

Use of “at Yale”

Please note the words “at Yale” alone do not convey student status. If you wish to use the words “at Yale” in your name, you must also include language indicating your status as a student organization.

Examples of correct use of “at Yale” based on new guidelines

“A Leg Even at Yale – an Undergraduate Organization”                    

“Association of Chinese Students and Scholars at Yale”

“Black Student Alliance at Yale”                                                    

“Club of Romanian Students at Yale”

“Japanese Undergraduate Students at Yale”

“Student Association of Thais at Yale”

“Korean Graduate Student Association at Yale”

Use of Logos

Logos that include the word “Yale” must also indicate that your group is a student organization.

Examples of groups conveying student affiliation in their logo

                                 Turkish Student Association @ Yale organization logo

Student groups may include the following registered Yale marks in their logo design            

                      Yale Block Y                                 Yale Block Logo   


Please keep in mind when using a Yale mark it may not be altered, including changing color or overlapping with another mark and you must include additional information including student organization status.


If you reference the Yale name in an acronym, you must also indicate you are a student group

Examples of student groups using acronyms in their logo

                             Logo with Anconym  

Items to be distributed

Student groups (new or existing) that use the word “Yale” in their name/logo, and wish to produce items for internal use (e.g. T-shirts), must include their full registered name and/or logo on their item. This includes indicating they are a student organization.

T -shirt example

                                          T shirt example

If a student group is using an approved Yale mark on an item, the color of that item must not be identified with another institution, e.g. T-shirt color can not be orange (Princeton), crimson (Harvard).

Student groups wishing to produce items such as T-shirts are required to work with a Yale licensed vendor. For help finding a vendor, contact in the Office of Marketing and Trademark Licensing.

All items (in artwork form) must also be approved by the Office of Marketing and Trademark Licensing prior to their production.

Website and Applications

Student groups (new or existing) that use the word “Yale” in their name/logo and wish to establish a web site, must include their registered name and/or logo conspicuously on the site.  This includes indicating they are a student organization.

Websites/applications must also contain appropriate disclaimers stating the activities on such website/applications are not endorsed by the university, an example includes:

“Yale” and “Yale University” are registered trademarks of Yale University.  This website is a student run website and is maintained, hosted, and operated independently of Yale University.  The activities on this website are not supervised or endorsed by Yale and information contained on this website does not necessarily reflect the opinions or official positions of the University.

Students may not create or use email addresses with the word Yale in it, but instead use their assigned email address for matters relating to their student organization.